Arch Stool

Arches are…


The 32 Arches

Download Design Files (Creative Commons)  

The designs from the Arch Furniture Collection are available for free under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike license (CC BY-SA) allowing makers to create and sell furniture using these designs for free. Makers are required to attribute the design to or this Kickstarter project. I’m not entirely sure how creative commons will eventually play out with regards furniture and digital design, but neither is anyone else.

How is this possible?

This project wouldn’t be possible without CNC which stands for ‘Computer Numerical Control.’ It basically means that design drawings created on a COMPUTER can be converted into NUMBERS that are used to CONTROL any attached power tool. I’ll be using CNC routers that rotate steel bits 200+ revolutions per second and drag them through the wood with millimeter precision. After the automated part is complete, there is plenty of sanding and finishing to do that has to be done by hand. I previously underestimated how much effort goes into packaging products securely that are time-consuming as well.

What materials are currently available? B/BB Baltic Birch Plywood. Future projects will add new materials that will provide more affordable and more premium options.

Is the wood coated? Your product will be varnished to protect the wood. When the project is finished, you will be able to specify if you would like unfinished wood so that you can add a painted finish.

How do I put the furniture together? The current generation of ready-to-assemble furniture is frustrating to put together. These stools and tables can be put together in less than a minute.